Christmas in Shrewsbury,



Featuring our own song The House on Woodlake Court sung by:

Judy Pancoast


For many years, we have enjoyed the Christmas Holidays by decorating our home so that others can share in the tradition of celebrating this time of year. Over time, our display has grown and become a tradition in our family promoting the spirit of Christmas.  We thank all our neighbors, friends and families who visit us each year.

 Over 40,000 lights
 240 Channels of computer animation
 Various wireframes
 See Santa inside
 Over 8,000 visitors in 2014
 Tune in at 88.3 FM

Christmas Day Arrives

Visit us at:

5 Woodlake Court

Shrewsbury, Pa. 17361

E-mail us your comments.

During the season, our display runs continuously each night.  If there is heavy traffic or obstructed views, stop by a few minutes later.  You won’t miss a thing and you may encounter little or no traffic at that time.  The busiest nights for traffic volume are Friday and Saturday evenings.  The most traffic is on Christmas Eve.

When visiting, please be mindful of our neighbors who are the best in the world! Please do not block their driveways, turn up your radio, or walk on their property.  This will help keep you on Santa’s good list!

Thank you for visiting

Our family supports the York County Parks and Recreation.